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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Making BPH Treatment Seem Less Scary and Embarrassing

February 25, 2014

Most men who experience urinary problems associated with BPH have two major impediments to seeking appropriate and swift treatment. First, is the embarrassment that many feel as a result of their Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms or LUTS. It is perfectly natural to feel some apprehension when discussing sensitive issues such as these. However, the symptoms of LUTS can be disruptive and interfere with your everyday activities and enjoyments. Many men spend years changing their habits and behaviors to avoid potentially … Continue reading

Meeting the Urologist!

I’m a guy and like other guys, unless I can’t walk or am having a heart attack, there is rarely a reason to go to the doctor voluntarily.  I had spent years suffering from BPH-related symptoms but never really wanted to see a urologist because they are for “old” guys and deal with an area no one wants to talk about with another person.  After I got married again, my wife convinced (forced) me to make an appointment.  Since we … Continue reading

How Did I Know I May Have A Problem With My Prostate?

February 21, 2014

First of all, you should have regular physicals and get checked out by a doctor even if you feel good. Most men will not go every year as they should, but at least try. One reason I began to think I had a problem was because I had to go to the bathroom often. That seems to be the easiest thing to spot and the most annoying symptom, so you’re actually forced to do something about it.

Announcing our Patient Blogs

February 12, 2014

Urologix is very excited to announce a partnership with a Prostiva RF patient to bring first-hand experience to our website visitors. From describing the symptoms of what motivated him to seek treatment to the procedure, recovery and results, Brandon offers a level of perspective that cannot be accurately conveyed by anyone other than a patient like himself. The goal of these patient blogs is to disseminate information on both the signs and symptoms of BPH as well as the treatments … Continue reading

Conquer Embarrassment and Seek Help!

February 4, 2014

Many men are embarrassed to begin treatment for urinary troubles associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It’s never easy to discuss urinary issues with a loved one or even your doctor. Further, many patients will modify their lifestyles to avoid embarrassing symptoms. While they may not feel embarrassed in public, they may be missing out on interesting activities and experiences. Brandon, a successful Prostiva® RF patient, suffered through years of urinary trouble before finally seeing his urologist and getting treatment for … Continue reading